Capital Plus Financial is partnering with Blueacorn to address potential barriers to accessing capital for minority and underserved communities.

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To our PPP customers:  We are keenly aware of the difficulty of late with receiving the correct documentation, funding, and customer service delays related to the funds for which you are approved.  Rest assured, we are working with Blueacorn to connect with each of you. We have put steps in place and are continuing to do so in order for the process to smooth and for you to receive your document and funds in a timely manner.  Thank you for your patience, and know service to you remains our number one priority.

For questions about Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) loans via the Small Business Administration (“SBA”) please follow the links below to reach the support team.

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The partnership of Capital Plus Financial and Blue Acorn has successfully served hundreds of thousands of individuals and small businesses through the funding of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans.

Feedback from customers is always appreciated. Customer service remains our top priority.

However, we will not tolerate any threatening or harassing actions or communications from customers in any form.

Any communication from an applicant we deem threatening, harassing or intimidating will result in the immediate withdrawal of the loan.

Additionally, we will pursue all available criminal and civil legal avenues to defend and protect our companies and our associates. Our team includes former federal agents and prosecutors. We are working closely with federal, state, and local law enforcement to identify and prosecute those who would make threats against our companies or our associates. We will pursue these options to the fullest extent of the law.